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At Mini Milestones we have the expertise to assess infants and babies as young as 6 months old who are otherwise typically developing or are at risk for developmental delays (e.g., siblings with Autism or related developmental delays). Based on our assessment, our team of experts will develop recommendations for natural environment teaching strategies to target social, play, and language development. We utilize the science based, peer reviewed methodology known as Applied Behavior Analysis.

Our role is to be an advocate for you and your child and to collaborate with your pediatrician and other professionals that are supporting you and your family. We want to empower you to support your infant to meet the foundational skills that lead to growth.

We have offices in South Florida, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, Colorado, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Tennessee.

Our Services


We provide one on one guidance with all caregivers that come in contact with your child. Our team will provide strategies and tools for you and your family on how to play and teach your baby using techniques that have been proven effective to build developmental skills.

Parent Training

The primary objective of our training is educating parents, caregivers and other professionals as well as improve the quality of services that any one child is receiving across environments.

Direct Service

We are committed to providing quality services to help improve the lives of infants and toddlers and their families. The systematic method for assessment and intervention used by our team allows us to develop the most successful strategies to teach new skills.

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Continuum Mini Milestones
Continuum Mini Milestones7 months ago
‼️‼️INCREDIBLY ACCESSIBLE SERVICES Coming Soon ‼️‼️ Please take a look! If you or someone you love is in need of any of these services, we are offering all of our Telehealth groups at a significantly reduced rate! Help us spread the word about these much needed services, especially during this time!
Continuum Mini Milestones
Continuum Mini Milestones8 months ago
So often parents ask me when they should be concerned about language development- and lots of times they are surprised by my answer because information online is SO confusing! Parents (AND yes, pediatricians) see milestones and often think “oh he’s almost there, he’s not that far off- we can just wait and see” - when really not meeting milestones is usually a good reason to get an evaluation. Because milestones and what the average child can do are NOT THE SAME THING. Not meeting milestones doesn’t necessarily mean a child will need speech therapy, but it DOES mean someone should be evaluating to determine a course of action. Can SLPs recommend waiting? ABSOLUTELY- because unlike pediatricians, we are specifically trained in this area and we know to look not only at milestones as compared to averages- but also how kids use communication skills, which is key! The range of typical is huge- but we definitely want to be giving intervention as early as we can to decrease the gap sooner and set kids up for success!
Continuum Mini Milestones
Continuum Mini Milestones10 months ago
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Continuum Mini Milestones
Continuum Mini Milestones11 months ago
We are so excited to be in Miami this week at the Autism 2020 conference! If you are here, make sure to find Jamie Bassos, our Director of Behavioral Health Services! She will be collecting business cards and entering all who say hello into a raffle to win a free water bottle and $25 gift card! 🙌🏻 Association for Behavior Analysis International®

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